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"A new breaking step in shared property industry"


  • Ecopoint is the world’s first shared property application based on Blockchain Technology platform for trading – buying, selling and leasing real estate.
  • Application of technology in connecting and sharing real estate products: rent, purchase, use rights, etc.
  • Helping owners to exploit future value of the products they are using and the products formed in the future.
  • Removing all transaction intermediaries, no fees for brokerage, transfer, exploitation, management, operations, etc.
  • Simplifying and speeding up transactions with only one application installed on Mobile - App Ecopoint.


  • Blockchain technology will change the market by digitizing transactions, reducing time, costs, increasing transparency, safety, automation, etc.
  • The peer transactions and cross-border transactions between buyers and sellers can be done without the presence of intermediaries such as exchanges, securities companies, banks, etc. Transactions can be done immediately , accurately, confidentially and unable to modify information, thereby mitigating fraud risks, manipulating transactions, etc.
  • Quantifying Real Estate products to small Eco units.
  • Easy to trade and exchange without being affected by any third party.


  • Rent – purchase of real estate for future use.
  • Purchase and sale of future use rights for existing and being-formed real estate.
  • Quantifying real estate through Ecopoint and simplifying and speeding up transactions.


  • Seller and lessor can easily share their real estate.
  • Buyer and lessee can easily access, directly deal with sellers and lessors without going through any other intermediary channel.
  • Always showing live (real-time) of shared real estate products without duplicating information via brokers, classified ads, unreal products status like traditional channels.
  • Deducting the intermediary charges, quick transaction time and transaction management via e-contract – convenient for all parties.
  • Using ECO for transaction increasing benefit for both parties.


  • Investors can easily transact, trade and exchange – Safe, transparent, secure on Blockchain platform.
  • Higher benefit compared to traditional channels, higher liquidity, stimulating the traditional real estate market and overcome the traditional transaction barriers, legal and administrative procedures.
  • No limit in large or small investment funds. Especially, no limit in nations or currencies. Mobilize global capital for traditional real estate markets.


  • Blockchain platform is safe, transparent, secure and easy to manage, use and exchange.
  • Encoding real estate into token which is easier for trading exchanging and investing real estate.
  • Locate (Live) real estate product (in real time) on Google maps.
  • Building Big Data of real estate data and history of transactions.
  • Creating added value for real estate market through Ecopoint.
  • Exploiting value of real estate formed in the future.


Trend of Sharing - Transparent - Safe

Blockchain Platform

Applying Blockchain into real estate sector.

Exchange Platform

Developing international ECOPOINT exchange platform.


Quantifying Eco for ECOWORLD CITY projects.

ECOWORLD's Partners

Quantifying Eco for ECOWORLD projects and partners.


Rent – purchase of real estate for future use.
Purchase and sale of future use rights for existing and being-formed real estate.
Quantifying real estate through Ecopoint and simplifying and speeding up transactions.


ECO is issued by Ecopoint App which is based on Blockchain platform. Each Ecoworld City project is valuated at a total investment cost and released a corresponding amount of Eco (100 billion Ecos are issued in total).
  • Private Sale
  • Amount
    10% (1 billion Eco)
  • Time
    May 2019 - September 2019
  • Price
  • Presale
  • Amount
    30% (3 billion Eco)
  • Time
    From 30 September 2019
  • Price
    $0.01 -$0.04
  • Public Sale
  • Amount
    60% (6 billion Eco)
  • Time
    After Pre-sale
  • Price
    $0.1 - $0.5

First issuance of 10 billion ECO capitalized for the first ECOWORLD CITY project

  • 10% Private Sale ( May 2019 - September 2019 )
  • 30% PreSale (From 30 September 2019)
  • 60% Public Sale (After Pre-sale)


IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE: Introducing the project, Project development, Ecoworld development, Sustainable Development.
Setup ECOWORLD offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam
  • Launching Ecoworld Inc.
  • Building Ecoworld City model.
  • Developing human resources.
  • Completing Ecoworld City model.
  • Prior communication and new trend.
  • Preparing for Dubai Event on 30 September.
  • Implementing Ecopoint App.
Lauching new products and services
  • Setup member companies.
  • Develop Ecoworld system.
  • Develop global Ecopoint community.
  • Lauch and introduce Ecoworld City project.
  • Establish offices in 15 Asian countries.
  • Implement Ecoworld City in Phu Quoc, Dubai, etc.
Ecoworld development
  • Application of Ecopoint to distribution, development of global real estate projects.
  • Launching Ecoworld City in many countries.
  • Bringing Ecoworld to the stock exchange.
2031 – 2050
Sustainable Development
  • Ecoworld City: the world's first Smart technology connection city.
  • Ecoworld City: the world's livable environment.


Skills and knowledge are things that come with the passage of time.

Team Members

We have strong team members with deeply IT knowledges

Michael Lu

Producesor Of Ecoworld Media

Michael Lu

Producesor Of Ecoworld Media
Michael Lu (Lu Ngoc Hoai Minh) is the Account Director of Ecoworld Media – the member of Ecoworld. He worked in Vietnam News Agency and video producer in ELLE Viet Nam. He is responsible for communication of the project.

Ruby Hong

CEO Of Ecoworld Media

Ruby Hong

CEO Of Ecoworld Media
Ruby Hong (Hong Ngoc Minh Tram) is the Excutive Director of Ecoworld Media – the member of Ecoworld. She is an expert in creative design. She is responsible for images, interfaces of the project.
She was lecturer, 3d designer and producer in Media industry. Graduated in Information technology and Multi media department - it's suitable with her passion for study and passion for career, she has accompanied with many corporations and development projects to share and apply technology.


Marketing Director Of Ecoworld Media


Marketing Director Of Ecoworld Media
Syno has 7 years of experience working in marketing positions at media groups in Vietnam. Expert in the field of creating and building social information pages, community groups. With a mindset to contribute to social value, she is currently building an environmental protection community through business projects.

Nguyen Thanh Phuong

Training Director

Nguyen Thanh Phuong

Training Director
Self-introduction: He has over 20 years of experience in HR. He used to hold the position of Manager of Administration and Human Resources Department, HR Director. He has deep knowledge of Human Resource Management and passion for human resources. He always create cohesion among the departments in work.
Objective: Support all positions with professional experiences and enthusiasm to support to successfully complete assigned tasks.

Ms. Hellen

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Hellen

Chief Human Resources Officer
Ms. Hellen is Chief Human Resources Officer at Ecoworld. She is good at communication, has good analytical skills and team building. Moreover, she has a good knowledge of labor law and regulations, understanding of generalist human resources experience, production and quality systems.
She has more than 10 years of working experience, more than 8 years of working in the field of HR. I understand how to effectively building and manage the Human resource system. She is a passionate, responsible and dedicated to work. In the process of working, I have accumulated effective human resource skills and experience, ready to accept challenges, quickly learn and master new things, work with people on a fair and collaboration.

Mr. Robin Ly

Technology Supervisor

Mr. Robin Ly

Technology Supervisor
I love website as this is the only profession I have worked on from last 10 years. I do have strong knowledge in web design and development. I use photohsop, css3, html5, xhtml, cross browser compiled layout. As well for programming php, mysql, ajax, jquery, symfony, wordpress. I can do website design, logo design, banner design, web site development, wordpress website, ecommerce website, real estate website, travel web development and much more. I am interested in applying Blockchain technology to created new app, bringing benefit to the cummunity in the "sharing economy" trend.

Nguyen Thanh Phat

Account Director Of Ecoworld Land

Nguyen Thanh Phat

Account Director Of Ecoworld Land
Promote the company's financial plan
- Implement risk management by analyzing the debt and investment of the organization.
- Decide on investment strategy by considering cash and liquidity risks.
- Control and evaluate fundraising plans and organizational capital structure.
- Ensure cash flow in line with the organization's activities.
- Supervise all financial staff (controllers, cashiers, etc.).
- Management supplier relationships.
- Prepare forecasts and reliable forecasts.

Nguyen Thi Lieu

Chief Accountant

Nguyen Thi Lieu

Chief Accountant
Ms. Nguyen Thi Lieu is Chief Accountant at Ecoworld Inc. She graduated from Institute of Finance. She has over 13 years of experience in accounting in SGI Group and TH Group, including 5 year experiences as Chief Accountant. With her experience and passion, she hopes she can develop together with the company.